Ruído Rosa

Alina Ruiz Folini

Alina Ruiz Folini (Argentina). Non-binary artist, dancer, choreographer and researcher. Their work navigates between choreography, dance, writing and curatorial practices. Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture / Reina Sofia National Museum of Art, 2018 (Madrid). They were part of PACAP 4 in Forum Dança. Director of ARQUEOLOGÍAS DEL FUTURO _ International Festival of Dance, Performance and Knowledge, in Buenos Aires. They have presented their work in Center for Performance Research and Judson Church (US), JUNTA International Dance Festival (Brazil), CCK (Argentina), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), Festival NIDO (Uruguay), FIDCU - International Contemporary Dance Festival Uruguay, among others. They creates Proyecto TÁCTIL with Leticia Skrycky and Luciana Chieregati. Since 2016 they have been dancers in the Trilogia Antropofágica and Série Canibal directed by Tamara Cubas (UY) performing in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. They currently dance in SIRI, directed by Marco Da Silva Ferreira and Jorge Jácome (PT). They are  performers in COBERTOS PELO CÉU, a project by Gustavo Ciríaco (BR). They collaborate with Ana Rita Teodoro (PT) in the LEITURA DE SERES VEGETAIS process and in the creation of SPILLOVERS by Rita Natálio (PT).
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RUÍDO ROSA emerge from the desire to de-hierarchize the relationship between seeing-saying-listening, to open narratives and mythologies based on the oral imagination. It proposes a choreographic experience based on listening as a form of knowledge, where the senses are not binary and the forces circulate between cavities, orifices, containers, tubes, water, diluting the limits between inside and outside, transiting through different forms of dissociation and resonance between language, voice and gesture.

The performance focuses on the issue of deep listening, not only the sensory properties of the sound of the voice, breathing and words, but also lesbian and queer sensibilities, as a concern with forms of research and creation that question normative methodologies from creation.

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Creation, dance and choreography Alina Ruiz Folini Artistic collaboration Josefa Pereira, Daniel Pizamiglio Costumes Marine Sigaut Light Victor Colmenero Mir Acknowledgements Carolina Mendonça, Carolina Campos Creation support Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, La Caldera — Barcelona, O Rumo do Fumo — Programa de residências Artistas Emergentes, ENTRE Festival Salmon Residências Forum Dança — Residência PACAP 4, Graner — Barcelona