Is another citizenship possible?

Futuricidade is a project by Marta Tomé and Rui Ibañez Matoso which envisions motivating young people for enthusiasm for personal development, autonomy and responsibility in exercising their citizenship fully, the right to the city and emancipated participation in public life by creating, within the school environment, a space for sharing experiences and learning about collective intelligence for urban practices, mobilizing artistic, technical and scientific knowhow.

This discussion, by the 12th grade students, who throughout the semester will develop the project, is the departure point for Futuricidade at the Secondary School of Alcanena.

With Marta Tomé, Rui Ibañez Matoso Supports República Portuguesa – Cultura/ Direção Geral das Artes, Município de Torres Novas, Museu Municipal Carlos Reis, Teatro Virgínia, Associação Materiais Diversos Institutional Partnership Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Paes, Escola Secundária Maria Lamas, Plano Nacional das Artes
The conversation will be available on the Youtube channel and on the social media channels of Materiais Diversos the day after it takes place.