Carolina Cifras

Carolina Cifras is a researcher, performer/creator and teacher in living arts. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Dance Pedagogy from Arcis University in Santiago, Chile. She is currently training at the CND (National Dance Center in Paris, France) as a teacher specializing in dance. She has participated in various national and international seminars related to body practices in the area of ​​movement and creation. She has participated and collaborated as a performer since 1990 with various national and international creators in the area of ​​contemporary dance and theater, among whom are outstanding artists Nury Gutes, Paulina Mellado, Javiera Peon-Veiga, Elizabhet Rodriguez, Rodrigo Perez, Almudena Garrido, Francisca Morand and Claude Brumachon. From 1994 to 2005, she formed part of the Choreographic Center of Nantes as choreographic artist, led by Claude Brumachon, where she performed various tasks such as Creations and Repertoire Performer, and became part of the team in charge of seminars for dance awareness and diffusion. As a tenured professor, she conducts seminars in the area of ​​dance and creation at various national universities such as Universidad de Chile, Universidad Mayor, Universidad de Valparaíso, Universidad Arcis, Escuela Moderna and is the founder of the school of dance at Universidad de Las Américas (2004). In the field of research and creation, her most notable works are "2010" (2008), nominated for the Altazor award and financed by FONDART; "PAMPA" (2012) in the Sala Arrau cycle; "OROPEL" (2016), residency and premiere at NAVE, financed by FONDART; and "PESO MUERTO" (2019), residency at NAVE, KET / Greece and Le Quartz-France, premiered in the context of the DANZFABRIK festival in Brest, France, also part of the CONSTELACIONES program. In stage research, the focus has been how the being/body is intersected, impacted, affected by the Chilean socioeconomic. Today she delves into the concept of Necropolitics and its material and immaterial dimension.

Ana Trincão

Researcher and multidisciplinary artist. Holds a PhD in Cultural Studies (UCP.Lisboa), a Masters in Dance (UDK / HZT.Berlin), and completed a degree in Visual Arts (ESAD.CR). Co-founder of the collectives SAS Orkestra de Rádios e Apneia Colectiva. Her projects cross Dance and Visual Arts and have been presented in Europe, Central America, South America, Cape Verde, and India. Trincao's main field of interest is the studies of somatic dance and performance and its politics.

Caminhantes is an experimental and reflexive laboratory that seeks to generate an experience around the art of walking in open spaces and in touch with nature. What moves us to undertake long journeys? What bodily practices, socio-political gestures and manifestations connect us to the natural environment, to ourselves and to others? 

These and other reflections connected to great marches such as the Marcha Zapatista in 2012, the Marcha Salitrera in Chile, the Marcha in Bolívia in 2000, and the migratory movements embarked on for a better and more dignified life, encourage reflection on the multidimensionality of our bonds with our internal territory and with our environment. 

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A project by Carolina Cifras in collaboration with Ana Trincão