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Teatro do Frio

Conceiving artistic creation as a peculiar form of interpersonal and transgenerational dialogue, Teatro do Frio promotes the crossing between different creators, researchers and artistic and epistemological practices, in all its artistic creation and training, research and editing projects, favoring space of research in theatrical creation.
Since 2013 it investigates thresholds and contact zones between theatrical creation processes and the art of sound, acoustics, dance and compositional writing. In 2016, he began an investigation into the relationship between dramaturgical writing and landscape, deepening in 2017 this exercise to the concept of sound drama. Since 2018 he has been a partner of CMP in the Culture in Expansion program and since 2020 a collaborator of the Museu da Cidade [].

We’ve spoken about Paradise based on the space we occupy — the park next to the Centro de Convívio do Cartaxo. We acknowledged the desire for places to sit, to be, to meet — a table, a bench, a shady spot. Organizing discourse and invoking images, we envision, experiment and propose a mobile furniture, capable of different configurations, rewriting the relational space from the desire and intention of those who convene there, enabling different fields of action. It is within it and with it that during the course of the festival we will idealize other forms of inhabiting. 


Video screenings | 7 — 8 oct. 19h30 • 9 oct. 22h30

Talk | 10 oct. 17h

DJ set | 10 oct. 18h30

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Artistic Direction Rodrigo Malvar e Catarina Lacerda Video Gonçalo Mota Furniture Design Rodrigo Malvar, Rui Machado Graphic Design Gil Mac Collaboration of Alex Mendonça, Ana Isabel Vieira, António, André Higino, André Pereira, Beatriz Amaro, Beatriz Cardoso, Bruno Ramalho, Bruno Paixão, Diogo, Eloísa, Ema Ramos, Elvira Tristão, Gonçalo Teixeira, Filipe, Helena Montez, Jeca Jofo, João Afonso, João Pedro, José Louza, Manuel Dias, Maria Carolina Caetano, Mike Carreira, Moisés, Nicole Ouro, Nuno Neves, Pedro Ouro, Ricardo Costa, Rita Ferreira, Tiago Reisinho, Verónica Cotrim Executive Production Carolina Couto, Catarina Louro e Liliana Abreu Production Direction Paula Silva Communication Patrícia Barbosa Structure supported by Ministério da Cultura | Direcção-Geral das Artes