O Estado do Mundo (Quando Acordas)

Formiga Atómica

Formiga Atómica is a theatre company, founded and directed by Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona. Their creations are drawn from contemporary issues and are destined to all audiences. Their shows are usually preceded by research periods motivated by the question and/or audience they are approaching. Amongst their creations one can highlight A Caminhada dos Elefantes/The March of the Elephants (2013), The Wall (2015), A Visita Escocesa/The Scottish View (2016), Do Bosque para o Mundo/From the woods to the world (2016), Montanha-Russa/Rollercoaster (2018) and Fake (2020). The company usually circulates in Portuguese territory, but also French, Belgian, German and Spanish, having had conceived French versions of two of their shows, La Marche des Eléphants (2016) and Au-Delà de la Forêt, Le Monde (opening show for the Avignon Festival, 2018). Since 2020, A Caminhada dos Elefantes tours also in its German (Die Wanderung der Elefanten) and Spanish (La caminata de los elefantes) versions.

To what extent can a toaster be responsible for natural disasters, such as a fire or a sandstorm? At what point does adding an ice cube to a drink or buttering a piece of bread become a consequential gesture? This show underlines a paradoxical idea: that which we defend on this topic, and our incapacity to let go of daily behaviours. O Estado do Mundo (Quando Acordas) is the first performance of a diptych which is aimed at contemplating the state of the world — natural, political, geographic, social, historic, economic and human.

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Direction Miguel Fragata Text Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata Interpretation Edi Gaspar Scenography Eric da Costa Costumes José António Tenente Original Music Fernando Mota Light Design José Álvaro Correia Vídeo João Gambino Consultancy Henrique Frazão Technical direction Renato Marinho Prodution Ana Lobato, Luna Rebelo / Formiga Atómica Co-production LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões, Comédias do Minho, Materiais Diversos, Théâtre de la Ville Formiga Atómica is a structure financed by Ministério da Cultura | Direcção-Geral das Artes