Human Jukebox

Violeta Lisboa

Is a multidimensional p o s t g o o g l e Artist riding the 21st Century. She grasps feelings and ideas and projects them out far, hugging whatever mediums and materials suit the season best. She studied mime, the tarot, machines and dreams, lives in Goa and Lisboa, shapes symbols, embodies dimensions, fakes contradictions, gives in to tension, weaves frequencies with colors and beings with themselves, stays true to the commitment of exploring, herself

Many interests and ways of being were revealed between the youth that gathered around the residencies for the project Paraíso Bruto. Many differences, but some desires in common, such as the desire to stay together and to be well, to feel at home and to be a part of building a better place. Human Jukebox is the DJ set featured by Violeta Lisboa that celebrates the union of those desires and marks the passage of the Meeting Point by the Centro de Convívio in Cartaxo.

With Violeta Lisboa