Festival Materiais Diversos 2021

For several years, we have been working on transforming this festival into a meeting space. We have invested in its deceleration, enrollment, plurality and accessibility, seeking to place people and relationships at the centre. We have also sought to make it a space for creation and reflection, in which artists and spectators have the time to experiment and experience themselves.


Each transformation requires a different understanding of time and of what is an encounter. Time does not need to be a prison; it is we who construct it. And encounters do not all have to be successful and harmonious, if we wish to have discussions beyond the consensual. This is the moment we find ourselves in. We believe that a festival can be that time, in which to notice, to care for and to share can be verbs for a new world.


A table and a walk are the backbone of this edition. To the table, in the center of the meeting point, we bring questions which have emerged over the last two years, motivated by specific people, happenings and places. To the walk, we bring the availability to follow two women who walk in a pair, separated by an ocean and a mountain range of distance.


In addition, we bring: A woman with a life like any other, who emerges as her granddaughter´s object of reparation. A post-apocalyptic fiction which suggests a reconnaissance journey to some millennial limestone caves. A plant utopia which makes way for a wild juvenile paradise. A drone which flies over a village, and another, and another and, finally, comes to rest above a republican village. A woman who makes her body resonate and shatter the limits of the normative. An enchanted people that emerges from the forest and offers itself up to our gaze.


We observe-repair. We care. We Share.


Elisabete Paiva and Materiais Diversos team




Artistic Direction
Elisabete Paiva

Production Direction
Diana Martins

Catarina Alves
Catarina Louro
Gabriel Lapas
Joana Silva
João Santos
Rafael Vieira
Sofia Matos

Ticket office
Gabriel Lapas

Communication Direction
Inês Lampreia

Communication Assistance
Carolina Couto

Press Office
João Nunes Silva

Communication Design
Sílvia Prudêncio

Web Design
Sara Orsi

Elsa Vieira

Miguel Canaverde
Pablo Coronel
Paulo Antunes
Pedro Mourinha

Luísa Baeta

Technical Direction
Anguluz – soluções técnicas para espectáculos

Tomé Ferreira
Miguel Sena
João Garrido
João Santos
Bernardo Valada
Paulo Cunha
Gonçalo Silva

Ana Cristina Silva
Bruno Carvalho
Catarina Arantes
Edna Correia
Joana Vassalo
Maria Margarida Vieira
Mário Júlio dos Reis
Rui Geraldes
Sara Santos
Teresa Carvalho

Financial and administrative coordination
Maria João Soares

Joana Duarte

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Materiais Diversos

Materiais Diversos is an independent professional structure whose mission is to encourage artistic research and experimentation, as well as sensitize multiple audiences to the performing arts, with a focus on contemporary dance. It supports the creation and dissemination of associated projects. It works in partnership with the municipalities of Alcanena and Cartaxo a program of development of audiences. Organizes the Festival Materiais Diversos, a project that, since 2009, promotes cultural access and participation outside the major urban centres, through a careful selection of artistic projects led by young and established creators, Portuguese and foreign.